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SlapstickSlapstick Presents An Apocalyptic Vision As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Current King Of Manhattan And Last President Of The United States , A Wickedly Irreverent Look At The All Too Possible Results Of Today S Follies But Even The End Of Life As We Know It Is Transformed By Kurt Vonnegut S Pen Into Hilarious Farce A Final Slapstick That May Be The Almighty S Joke On Us All.

Read ✓ Slapstick By Kurt Vonnegut –
  • Paperback
  • 225 pages
  • Slapstick
  • Kurt Vonnegut
  • Romanian
  • 20 May 2019
  • 9789735013967

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    And how did wethen face the odds, of man s rude slapstick, yes, and God s Quite at home and unafraid, Thank you, in a gameour dreams remade Kurt Vonnegut, Slapstick, or Lonesome No More My 15 ear old son broke the screen on his iPhone 6s I m letting him buy down the debt to me by reading 6 Vonnegut novels before the end of the year Every book he reads, drops his big OWE down by 10, upto 60 He is still on the hook for the other 80 This is what happens when daddy is an absurdist, but rules like a fascist King Hi ho.So, I ve decided to read a lot of the Vonnegut novels he s going to be reading before the end of the year too It has been 30 years since I went on a huge Vonnegut tear It seems in an era of Donald Trump I m going to need as many absurdist tools on my belt as possible What better way than a book about loneliness, incest perhaps not, or technically yes, but also not , disease, the destruction of America, and the Church of Jesus Christ the Kidnapped There are other, stronger Vonneguts where I could have started, but I m also trying to go through my Library of America Vonnegut Novels 1976 1985 Plus, it is hard to avoid a book that uses the phrase Why don t you take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut Why don t you take a flying fuck at the mooooooooooooon often and with literary abandon....

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    Vonnegut s most farcical, most absurd, but also one of the scathing satires Here Vonnegut takes on universalism, and totalitarianism, but on a grander scale than he allowed in Harrison Bergeron but also this is surreal His genius, though, as seen in other novels, is to creatively intersperse pockets of stark realism to accentuate and to highlight the circus...

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    Loneliness and isolation What can they do to one s destiny What does it mean to be different from the others We were aware of all the comedy in this But, as brilliant as we were when we put our heads together, we did not guess until we were fifteen that we were also in the midst of a tragedy We thought that ugliness was simply amusing to people in the outside world We did not realize that we could actually nauseate strangers who came upon us unexpectedly Slapstick, or Lonesome No More is post apocalyptic burlesque Everything in the novel is turned inside out and even the apocalypse is ludicrously absurd.The old protagonist writes a preposterous story of his long life but, as usual, hiding behind the fa ade of fun Kurt Vonnegut explores the serious problems existing in the modern society.Yes, and I write now with a palsied hand and an aching head, for I drank much too much at my birthday party last night.Vera Chipmunk 5 Zappa arrived encrusted with diamonds, borne through the ailanthus forest in a sedan chair, accompanied by an entourage of fourteen slaves She brought me wine and beer, which made me drunk But her most intoxicating gifts were a thousand cand...

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    At this point I ve gotten fairly familiar with Kurt Vonnegut s tone and flavor The sense of universalism and equality consistently sound as often as his humor and irony rings.This books reads as a perversion of all four themes To me.Usually Vonnegut s works seem to read with some underlying sense that no matter how bizarre everything seems, no matter how depressing or how inspiring a situation seems, there s always a punchline, and that punchline brings you back to reality, forcing the reader to realize that we re all human We re all prone to make mistakes just as often as we succeeed We re all prone to die just as sure as we re prone to live We re all prone for 15 minutes of fame surrounded by an average of 76.4 years of mundaneness But that doesn t ring the same for Slapstick The introduction gives you an immediate idea of why Vonnegut steps out of his comfort zone on this one.If the introduction reads true, and there s no guarantee that reality and honesty aren t being blurred in any of Vonnegut s novels, then he wrote this following the death of his sister His sister, coincidentally, died days after her husband was killed in a freak ...

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    Hmmm deformed, incestuous fraternal twins become geniuses when they touch their heads together One is the last President of the United States of America Ridiculous, yes No This is Vonnegut I liked this one I like all Vonnegut actually I m very biased, don t listen to me Hi ho.

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    I never put Kurt Vonnegut on my list of favorite authors and shame on me for that as I ve at the very least liked everything I ve read by the man One of the things I always love about his work is that he was quite possibly the most hopeful cynic in existence Pessimism is borderline overwhelming in his work, but it always seemed like deep down he still liked people and hoped we would do better, even while being positive that we were doomed by our own failures.Well, not so here This book is Slapstick, and like the slapstick comedies of old, there is only failure here Some people may be good, and some may improve along the way, but there is no hope here This is easily the bleakest novel I ve read by Vonnegut view spoiler and tha...

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    Any other Sunflower 13 s out there

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    And with that, I learned once again that I was an asshole I read Cat s Cradle when I was in high school and taking a lot of ecstasy, so I hated everything except the Chemical Brothers Since I hated Cat s Cradle then, I ve assumed that I didn t like Mr Vonnegut for the last, what, dozen years I only picked this one up cause I never see old editions of it and Josh said it s his favorite That all sucks I mean, I don t think he s perfect I d remembered his kind of smug, eccentric uncle persona being at the fore kind of like Tom Robbins tends to do Which, by the way, is a big part of why I find Tom Robbins so unreadable I get it, you re smart, you re charming, you re just like every other straight boy who thinks he s hot shit Next But it wasn t so out front In fact, this was just a bizarre story about genius twins that Aimee Bender would ve told differently, but which she could have told I also feel like I don t want to give away anything, but there are some bizarre structural things that ...

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    2ND READ THROUGH I enjoyed this immensely, probably even than the first time I read it probably back in 2002 It s a little plot driven than most of Vonnegut s works, but it still explores the same basic concepts you ll find in most of his oeuvre in fact diving deeper and direct into one concept in particular that doesn t quite find its way all of his novels love Specifically, familial love, and the meaning and purpose of family Utilizing copious dyst...

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    Note that I am giving this book a low rating as compared to Vonnegut s other books, and is not necessarily reflective of my opinion of it as a fine work of fiction.Really, when compared to the similarly themed Cat s Cradle and The Sirens of Titan , this one just doesn t hold up as well It boasts a classic Vonnegatian comedic end of the world scenario, but Slapstick just doesn t quite live up to the standard set by his previous novels, and achieved...

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