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The Colton Marine A Troubled Hero Returns Home To A Family Nightmare In This Thrilling Coltons Of Shadow Creek Tale Hired To Renovate His Family S Former Mansion, River Colton Hopes To Find Answers To His Deepest Questions Plagued By Memories Of His Fugitive Mother, The Ex Marine Finds Danger To His Life In The Estate S Secret Chambers And Danger To His Heart In Edith Beaulieu, Its Beautiful New Guardian.But Someone Doesn T Want Edith Or River In The Seemingly Haunted House When Edith Falls Victim To Too Many Accidents And Falls Hard For River The Texas Loner Risks Everything To Protect Her If The Ghosts Of Coltons Past Lurk In The Shadows, It S Up To Edith And River Hunt Them Down

➷ The Colton Marine  Free ➭ Author Lisa Childs – Valtrex-4.us
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Colton Marine
  • Lisa Childs
  • 27 October 2019
  • 9780373402175

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    When reading this book I got the nagging sense that I am missing a coupling things and after Reading it found out that I was reading the 5th book in the series Oops It did good as a stand alone but I think It would ve been a whole lot better reading experience if I read the previous books That being said I thought that this was a really good mystery book I loved getting to see Ediths character, she really was a hard working stubborn women I loved getting to know their back stories which made their characters even ...

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    Good book In Pregnant by the Colton Cowboy River discovered that the man he thought is his father isn t, leaving him with questions about who he is Determined to find answers, he s sure that his family s former home holds the answers All he has to do is find a way inside so that he can search When the house is sold, he talks the new owner s representative into letting him help with the renovations.Edith has worked for her real estate mogul boss and friend for years She s not certain why he s so determined to have this property considering how much work it will be to fix it up, and why he insists on so much secrecy Because of that, she is suspicious of River s presence on the property at first but quickly takes him up on his offer to help.Good mix of suspense and romance right from the start There were multiple things going on that kept interest and tension high Throughout the series, Livia Colton has succeeded in avoiding recapture There have been sightings and suspected activities, but her evasion continues More and of her crimes have been exposed Edith...

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    I had not read the other books and I was able to follow this one very well The underlying story in the series is that their mom is missing and she is wanted by the FBI for murder There was also enough storyline around the other siblings that would make you want to purchase those stories also.Definitely some revelations happened in the book and Edith and River try to fight their attraction to each other Edith has a mysterious boss who becomes a little kno...

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    I really love a good romantic suspense novel and this one is well worth the wait The Colton Marine is the fifth book in The Colton s of Shadow Creek Series and is the best one so far I really love how the stores have evolved and grown in this series I was drawn in from the first page and even with each chapter I read Childs creates a magically romantic novel with a touch of suspense that will leave you wanting to know I found this to...

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    I read several of the previous books and by far I think I liked this one the best I liked River Edith They had great chemistry and I liked that we got a bit new revelations to this ongoing saga This is a must read and I can t wait for the next one.

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    A quick romance River doesn t know how to get into the old house that his mother abandoned until Edith comes along and starts fixing it up for her boss But then Edith finds out he was just suing her to get into the house Can they make up and can Edith s boss forgive the Coltons for his life

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    Really GoodI can t wait to read the last book in this series.This is a have you sitting on the edge of your seat,Trying not to jump out of your skin story.

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    Don t want to wait for next book soon

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