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Gone Too Far (DCI Miller #4) DCI Miller Is Faced With A Head Ache And A Half In The Latest Manchester Based Adventure GONE TOO FAR Kathy Hopkirk, The Nation S Most Detested Celebrity Has Disappeared Famed For Her Outrageous Remarks And Nasty Observations About Ordinary People In The Street And Stars From The Showbiz World, Kathy Has Always Taken Great Delight In Grabbing The Headlines And Causing As Much Controversy As Possible But Now She Is In The News For A Different Reason She Is Missing While Visiting Manchester For Work, She Was Staying At The Midland The Iconic, World Famous Hotel Was The Last Place Kathy Was Seen, CCTV Recorded Her Leaving On Foot Her Destination Was Unknown Three Days Later, Her Disappearance Was Reported To Police By Her Manager The Sensational News Was Met With Great Interest By The British Public, Though Very Little Surprise Or Sympathy Kathy Hopkirk Had Been Pushing It For Years It Looks Like This Time, She May Just Have Gone Too Far DCI Miller And His Team Are Overwhelmed By The Amount Of Vitriol And Hatred Which Surrounds The Missing Woman Where Do They Possibly Start With This One Kathy Has Had Thousands Of Death Threats On Twitter Alone DCI Miller Is Back With Another Roller Coaster Case.

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    Gone Too Far is the fourth book in the DCI Miller series Don t worry if you haven t read the other books in the series as it works very well as a stand alone.It s hard not to automatically think of a certain celebrity with the same initials when we meet Kathy Hopkirk It certainly makes for an interesting story line to have one centred around her When she goes missing, I think most people are glad I did actually grow to admire her in the story.It s difficult to say too much about the storyline as not much is given away in the book description Sadly the crime is something that has been in the limelight over the last several years It was good to see someone so hated though wanting to make a stand.DCI Miller and the team really have their work cut out For one an adult going missing isn t a major crime but because of who they are they have the added pressure of the press being on their case watching their every move.Gone Too Far was an entertaining read tinged with the sadness of a ...

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    STEVEN SUTTIEGONE TOO FAR.This is book 4 in this series, and it s a cracker Follow DCI Miller as he tries to find out where a missing celebrity has vanished too A story of murder, sexual crimes A great book well worth reading.5 05 May 2017.

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    This is the 4th DCI Miller novel in the series and it most certainly lives up to the ones that went before Steven Suttie is a tell it has it is author that holds no punches His characters are people you know, they may have different names where you live but they are all here The writing flows with a natural rhythm and includes relevant news and events that have taken place which gave the story a time line I could easily relate to.When Kathy Hopkirk just disappeared it wasn t her family that reported her missing, only her manager that was losing commissions from the absence of her obnoxious appearances Yes Kathy is a celebrity, with no talent except to belittle other people for their circumstances The public are outraged but not because they care about her but simply it is a need to know the juicy bits All quite sad really to think that no one would really give a damn for her wellbeing It even takes a polite kick up the backside to get some of the police working on the case to be slightly interested and really put effort into the investigation.The the police delve and the obvious it is that something is very wrong with the whole scenario This is a very dark and disturbing story that unfolds on a recently topical subject that rattled a lot of peoples pasts and brought them crashing down How far will someone go t...

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    Waiting for DCI Miller 5Pre ordered this book well worth the wait, already looking forward to the next book.Was very tired today couldn t put it down until I had got to the end.

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    Absolutely Brilliant Stevens books never disappoint me If you re hesitating read it you won t be able to put it down Can t wait for his next book If you like a page Turner that stops you from doing your housework for a while then Steven Suttie is the author for you.

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    Celebrity is not all it is cracked up to be.Public actions cover up the private person, leading to confusion and deception, murder and mayhem The rich and famous live protected lives, but are exposed in the end, and some are brought to justice

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    This is the forth story in the DCI Miller series of books and it doesn t disappoint I adore this series of books In a bloated genre where everyone seems to be a thriller writer Steven Sutties books stand out from the crowd with great story lines that hold on to you and keep you interested throughout the whole of the book, regardless of whether you think you know where the story is going or not and if you do think you know whats happening I can almost guarantee you will be wrong Its also a refreshing change to read dialogue that feels real, written the way people actually speak to each other, rather than some clunky middle classed nonsense.The story revolves around the search for Katie Hopkins,Kathy Hopkirk the nations most detested celebrity when she goes missing after leaving the Midland Hotel in Manchester As always its written with a great dollop ...

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    This book threw up some very interesting feelings as some of the characters were very similar to some thoroughly reprehensible celebrities in today s world The book was fast paced whilst still interlacing t...

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    Another great read from Steven Miller takes a back seat and we see his deputy coming to the fore at the same time as listing after the new DC.Plenty of subtle and not so subtle references to real life characters does the book no harm as we get to know the characters quic...

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    Excellent black comedyFun trying to work out who the celeb characters are based on even though they re pretty obvious. Some really good twists I would recommend reading the first three books but you could read this one as a standalone.

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