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Snow in Midsummer Men In This Town Were Born With Mouths That Can Right Wrongs With A Few Words Why Are You Too Timid To Speak As She Is About To Be Executed For A Murder She Didn T Commit, Young Widow Dou Yi Vows That, If She Is Innocent, Snow Will Fall In Midsummer And A Catastrophic Drought Will Strike.Three Years Later, A Businesswoman Visits The Parched, Locust Plagued Town To Take Over An Ailing Factory When Her Young Daughter Is Tormented By An Angry Ghost, The New Factory Owner Must Expose The Injustices Dou Yi Suffered Before The Curse Destroys Every Living Thing.A Contemporary Re Imagining By Acclaimed Playwright Frances Ya Chu Cowhig Of One Of The Most Famous Classical Chinese Dramas, Which Breathes New Life Into This Ancient Story, Haunted By Centuries Of Retelling.The World Premiere Of Snow In Midsummer On 23 February 2017 At The Swan Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon, Launched The RSC S Chinese Translations Project, A Cultural Exchange Bringing Chinese Classics To A Contemporary Western Audience.

Download ➽ Snow in Midsummer  Author Guan Hanqing –
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Snow in Midsummer
  • Guan Hanqing
  • 09 May 2017
  • 9781350042773

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    Guan Hanquing s most popular work, Snow in Midsummer depicts the unjust execution and subsequent avenging of Dou E, a virtuous young woman who is promised to be the bride of Mistress Cai s son in order to pay off her father Dou Tianzhang s debt, which he incurred while studying to become a government official.Years later, Dou E s husband has died, and she remains with Mistress Cai in the latter s old age A somewhat convoluted series of evens leads to Dou E being falsely accused of murder Dou E pronounces that three mystical signs will accompany her unjust execution, including the seemingly impossible appearance of snow in the middle of summer.Three years later, Dou E s father, now a senior member of the government with considerable executive power, is visited by the ghost of his daughter Dou E s spectre urges her father to deal justice to the magistrate and false accuser who caused her death Dou Tianzhang avenges his daughter, demonstrating the superiority of justice and virtue over injustice and wickedness.Hanquing s text is amusing to the modern Western ear due to its use of repetition several key dramatic moments are interrupted with characters giving a narration of the play s events up to that po...

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    I saw this as an amazing production at the RSC in Stratford so I bought the play to read It s a modern retelling of a classic Chinese story, about a ghost who will not rest until she is avenged In life she was a widow who was wrongfully executed and she has cursed the town where she lives so t...

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    Adaptation of a 13th century Chinese play The widow Dou Yi was unjustly executed Her ghost will cause her town to suffer a three year drought until justice is done Frances Ya chu Cowhig has made some changes to the original story In any case, I m...

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    This definitely got me interested into this form of theatre and would love to see this play performed live in order to get the full impact.

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