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Lost and Stranded For Anyone Who Spends Time In The Backcountry, Understanding Not Only What Sorts Of Dangers You Can Run Into Out There But Also Exactly What Those Risks Can Do To You Is Part Of Being A Smart, Well Informed Outdoor Traveler In Lost And Stranded, Author Timothy Sprinkle Breaks Down The Perils That Can Befall Hikers, Hunters, And Other Outdoor Enthusiasts There Are Animal Encounters, Weather Events Lightning Strikes , Parasites Giardia , Biting Insects Bees Wasps , Winter Hazards Avalanches , Natural Disasters Forest Fires , Hypothermia, Dehydration, Disorientation, And Much, Much To Worry About Although These Risks Are Generally Well Known, What S Less Understood By Many Adventurers Is What Exactly Happens To You When, Say, You Become Malnourished In The Backcountry What Does It Feel Like How Does The Condition Progress How Long Do You Generally Have Before The Body Shuts Down What Helps Or Hurts When You Re Fighting For Survival Lost And Stranded Will Answer These Questions And Many By Taking An Inside Look At Than Two Dozen Outdoor Hazards Each One Will Include A Narrative Section That Dramatizes The Experience Of A Certain Situation Based On Real World Events From There, Information From Expert Sources Medical Doctors, First Responders, Wildlife Experts, And Others Will Fill In The Details Around Exactly How Each Scenario Plays Out On The Ground, Followed By Suggestions On How To Avoid Or Survive Each Risk Factor, Making This Book Is A Vital Resource For Outdoor Travelers.

[Ebook] Lost and Stranded  By Timothy Sprinkle – Valtrex-4.us
  • Paperback
  • 296 pages
  • Lost and Stranded
  • Timothy Sprinkle
  • 07 October 2017
  • 1510727701

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    I picked up this book at the library after watching many wilderness and survival shows on TV I thought maybe there wasfor me to learn even tho I live in an urban environment Surprisingly this book did not provide me with any new tips or startling revelations so I was a bit disappointed Butfor people new and unknowledgeable of the wilderness, it might be a handy read I know ab...

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    A decent, general overview of surviving in the backcountry Most of it is common sense and people will probably have come across most of the advice in this book before My biggest issue was the introduction of each section with a scary story of an attack or encounter with the section subject that resulted in death but the the rest of it is about how you shouldn t be afraid of it and you re not really going to die but there is still that anxiety Good for those who have no knowledge of any ways A decent, general overview of s...

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    I won this book on Goodreads I felt it was well written and talked about all the hazards that you might encounter while hiking It would be a good book to read before you take a trip.

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    This had a great format to it, first providing a cautionary tale for each type of hazard, followed by m detailed information and advice.

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