[[ KINDLE ]] ✽ Rain Author Stephen Gallagher – Valtrex-4.us

RainLucy Ashdown Is A Girl With A Mission To Find The Driver Who Ran Down And Killed Her Sister Christine Now She Has A Lead And She S Off To London Joe Lucas Is As Dedicated As Lucy His Aim Is To Bring Her Home In The Dangerous Night World Of The West End, Violence And Corruption Lurk Just Below The Neon Lit Surface With Joe No Than A Heart S Beat Behind Her, Lucy Steps Eerily Into Her Dead Sister S Life, And A Race Against Time Taken From Back Cover

[[ KINDLE ]] ✽ Rain Author Stephen Gallagher – Valtrex-4.us
  • Paperback
  • 313 pages
  • Rain
  • Stephen Gallagher
  • 21 June 2017
  • 9780450542916

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    Like Down River this novel is a taut little thriller that introduces characters that have you rooting for them even as their actions begin to horrify you Its tale of a girl out to find the killer of her elder siste...

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    Here is a reasonable mystery thriller, but with sharp and perceptive writing and wit that is evident in the first few chapters, that for me was even impressive than the story itself Gallagher gets you to come on a journey with Lucy Ashdown as she takes on the physical looks of her sister Christine who died in a suspicious hit and run incident No one was found to blame, the cops can t find anything to latch onto, but Lucy s dodged determination to try to find why and who was responsible, puts her in obvious peril While in London the city in which her sister worked and lived, she sets to work on how she earned her wages, where she worked, who she may have come into contact with Lucy is also pursued by Joe, a detective with orders to bring her back home to her father, but it s Joe who is even persistent with catching her than even her own father As Lucy starts to work at the very venue her sister worked at, she gets to know her fellow colleague s, and the unsavory life her sister earned her living And a mysterious black address book that the manager hides, with the potential of containing a contact that had known about her sister s demise, while at the same time the book and it s contacts could bring down the business on which survives if it were to fall in to the hands of the law, making a major obstacle for Lucy to achieve her objective What I like about the book is the pace of the story, and how there are small cliffhangers at the end of most chapters It s the bri...

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    There are undeniably some good points about Rain, from the initial introduction of the characters, to the grittiness of the story However, by the time I was approaching the end of this book only one word springs to mind bored.The real question here is why For the most part the writing is good, the characters are good, and the pacing fits Unfortunately, from around the 75% mark things begin to take a turn for the worst After 90% I was skim reading, eager to finish the book and move on to something ...

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    What started off as a genre thriller lapsed into David Lynchian territory to various degrees of success With few characters to keep the reader interested the author relies on a plot that asks us to suspend belief a...

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    It was actually a book that I read, not an e book It was a strange story I still couldn t decide when I finished it whether I liked it or not I guess you d have to read it to understand my ambiguity Decided to add to my comments I found it to be a...

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    No s si este es t tulo que en espa ol se edit como Obsesi n de venganza Por la sinopsis creo recordar que s , pero ha pasado bastante tiempo y muchos libros.

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    It was obvious throughout possibly on purpose who the killer was but the book was still entretaining to read.

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