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The Girls with No NamesThe Girls With No Names Pulls Readers Into The Gilded Age Of New York City In The S, When Suffragettes Marched In The Street, Unions Fought For Better Work Conditions And Girls Were Confined To The House Of Mercy For Daring To Break The Rules Not Far From Luella And Effie Tildon S Large Family Mansion In Inwood Looms The House Of Mercy, A Work House For Wayward Girls The Sisters Grow Up Under Its Shadow With The Understanding That Even As Wealthy Young Women, Their Freedoms Come With Limits But When The Sisters Accidentally Discover A Shocking Secret About Their Father, Luella, The Brazen Older Sister, Becomes Emboldened To Do As She PleasesBut Her Rebellion Comes With Consequences, And One Morning Luella Is Mysteriously Gone Effie Suspects Her Father Has Made Good On His Threat To Send Luella To The House Of Mercy And Hatches A Plan To Get Herself Committed To Save Her Sister But She Made A Miscalculation, And With No One To Believe Her Story, Effie S Escape From The House Of Mercy Seems Impossible Unless She Can Trust An Enigmatic Girl Named Mable As Their Fates Entwine, Mable And Effie Must Rely On Each Other And Their Tenuous Friendship To Survive The Home For Unwanted Girls Meets The Dollhouse In This Atmospheric, Heartwarming Story That Explores Not Only The Historical House Of Mercy, But The Lives And Secrets Of The Girls Who Stayed There

➻ The Girls with No Names Download ➼ Author Serena Burdick – Valtrex-4.us
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Girls with No Names
  • Serena Burdick
  • 11 August 2019
  • 9780778308737

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    1910 1913, New York A world where men hold the upper hand Values are changing with the turn of the century Women are still fighting for their rights A young female can be sent away or imprisoned for nearly any act of defilement or unbecoming behavior Told from three different viewpoints, the story begins through the eyes of Effie, a twelve year old growing up in a wealthy household but constrained to a strict set of principles and rules Longing to hold on to their Victorian values, her family pushes her older sister Luella away Attached to Luella, Effie finds herself in the House of Mercy after searching for her sister Luella and Effie s mother, Jeanne, struggles to maintain her composure while her family begins to crumble Her social status and reputation in society as a lady cause conflict in her priorities as she seeks to mend her family Mable befriends Effie in the House of Mercy, but can they trust each other Mable recalls her past in flashbacks which reveal a pattern of betrayal and deceit There are girls who get put away for , if they re not reformed Or repentant It s like prison You get put away for however long fits the crime There are girls who ve been in there for ten years, twenty Some never get out, but I heard three years was the minimum That can t be true I m just telling you what I heard 3.5 stars explained The setting was great, and I found it suitable and well researched The start was slow to build, and the story doesn t begin to climb until 25% on a Kindle I highly enjoyed Mable s chapters I found her voice and story to be fitting to the description of the book Mable was intriguing and enlightening to the era The other two POV s, Effie and Jeanne s, were not as exciting for the reader and sometimes caused the plot progression to be slower The actual scenes within the confines of the House of Mercy are limited, and I would say are only detailed in about 12 16% of the entire story itself You will not learn too much about The House of Mercy from reading this novel.Most of the story focuses on the family dynamics and some gender conflict I would have liked to have seen history apart from the setting and a very small appearance from Inez Milholland The ending was predictable The very end, the epilogue, was cheesy and clich for my taste It s not a story that I continued to think about it after reading Overall, I liked it and found it to be an average read that was engaging during various times and moderate at other times. For the above mentioned reasons, I rounded down to 3 stars Thanks to Edelweiss and HarperCollins for this copy Opinions are my own.A great article about this topic House of Mercy1932, House of Mercy

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    Effie and Luella lived a privileged life and had to conform to all the strict rules set upon women in the 1910 s including being sent away.Effie was the sister who had a health problem, and Luella was the sister who was beautiful Both behaved, but were bored with their lives and the control their parents had over them.One day the sisters were at lunch with their father and witnessed something he did that shocked and upset them What they found out, made Luella become rebellious.Luella being the bolder of the two sisters hinted that she knew her father s secret, and this made her father furious Because of her rebellion, Effie woke up one morning to realize her sister wasn t there.Did their father take her away or did she go away on her own After Luella left, Effie couldn t function, and she needed her parents to tell her where Luella was Effie wouldn t give up, but did she go too far for the love of her sister We follow this disjointed family as each member seems to be living a life separate from one another even though they live under the same roof Having to now deal with Luella gone, things became difficult.THE GIRLS WITH NO NAMES was an enjoyable, interesting read with characters you will like but will want to tell to think before acting THE GIRLS WITH NO NAMES will be of interest to women s fiction fans and those readers who enjoy family tension, life in the 1900 s, sisterly love, story line twists, and secrets.This book is one you won t want to put down ENJOY 5 5This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.75 starsEffie and Luella are sisters On Jan 1, 1900, Effie was born with a heart defect and they didn t think she d live long She has, however, made it to 14 years old when the two sisters discover the gypsies living nearby Luella, being a risk taker, convinces Effie to come with her to visit regularly When Luella disappears, Effie needs to find her Effie is convinced her parents found out about the gypsies and have deposited Luella into the nearby home for wayward girls, the House of Mercy Effie comes up with a plan to get in, herself, in order to be reunited with Luella The summary I ve provided is actually the slower part of the book, in my opinion It really picked up after Effie got into the House of Mercy Right around that point in the book maybe half way through , the perspective changes away from Effie, and we sometimes get her mother s perspective, and sometimes the perspective of another girl at the House of Mercy, along with her background story I thought this is where the book really picked up, and I enjoyed the second half It was interesting to learn of the House of Mercy which was real , and the kinds of things that went on in homes like this Also interesting was a big event worked in to the storyline, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire I could see it coming, with a few of the characters working there As always, I appreciated the historical note at the end.

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    3.5 starsThe Girls with No Names takes the reader back to a time where women were still fighting to be heard The Women s Suffrage movement was just starting to make headway But women were still beholden to the patriarchal standards of society If a woman did not conform, rebelled or acted inappropriately she could be sent away to a sanitorium One of these houses for wayward women was the House of Mercy on 86th St and 5th Ave in Manhattan Its public aim was to rescue women from vice but in actuality it was a Magdalene laundry The women were not redeemed from their sin, but imprisoned and exploited for free labor Effie and Luella are inseparable Effie, born with a heart defect, has spent her life under her mother s watchful eye and her older sister s shadow Luella is strong, spirited and outspoken One day the two sisters are drawn to a field by beautiful flute music The bonds that they form with the Romani camped here threaten their idle existence Ignorance and bigotry cause Luella to run away Believing that her sister was sent to the House of Mercy for her defiance, Luella hatches a plan to have her returned home It s a rather simple plan get admitted to House of Mercy herself and her parents will have to come and rescue them both The only problem is Luella isn t at House of Mercy and no one knows that Effie is there.Of the three perspectives that this story was told Effie, her mother Jeanne and House of Mercy girl Mable, I enjoyed Effie s the most Her innocence was beguiling and I was really drawn to her character The other women s narrative meshed nicely with hers and fit in the missing puzzle pieces to her story My only problem with the book was the repeated use of the word gypsy I found myself cringing every time the word appeared on the page Because I felt compelled to hear Effie s story and I recognized that Burdick was not disparaging the Romani people but exposing their detractors, I mentally went about scratching out the word g y and replacing it with Romani Although Burdick explains her use of the word in the Afterword, I am not sure if I were a member of the Romani if this explanation would slide with me I can tell you that when I have seen racial slurs for African Americans in literature I get highly offended Special thanks to NetGalley, Justine Sha at Harlequin Park Row Publishers and Serena Burdick for advanced access to this book.

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    An ARC was provided to me for free by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I don t really know what to say about this book I thought the premise was quite interesting I haven t read any books about the House of Mercy before and didn t even know about it previous to this I ended up googling it, and was really intrigued to read about the girls who would be living there.However, it was definite struggle to even get to the 20% mark I felt ungrounded for quite a while I wasn t sure where we were in the sense of a physical location or historical period Yes, I could have just read the synopsis 1910s New York but I felt the writing itself never gave a clear picture of where we were It was very dialogue heavy for a while, while offering minimal context, so I simply couldn t bring myself to care about the two sisters.Unfortunately, a pass for me.Blog Twitter

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    Genre Historical Fiction Type StandalonePOV First Person MultipleRating Effie and Luella Tildon grew up in the New York high society Stifled by family expectations, they found an escape among the gypsy group nearby But freedom had new meaning when it was no longer an option At some point through all of this, I realized that my birth hadn t been enough to fulfill them, and my existence wasn t enough to keep them going. The 1910s New York setting gave readers an insight into both high society and the slum through the main characters The story was a little slow in the beginning, but I enjoyed it overall I thought of all the nights I d lain listening to Luella s complaints over her restricted life What the girls in here wouldn t give for a life like ours, where sneaking off to a gypsy camp was the height of our danger. It followed three female characters from two different social standing, navigating life based on the trials and tribulations of the period They might seem weak and or unlikable on the surface but they formed an invisible strength from the bond that connected them My favorite character was Mable because she had the most interesting past The Girls with No Names is a story of survival and hope It would appeal to readers who are interested in female camaraderie Historical Fiction F BR With Twinsie CC For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    I received this from Netgalley.com for a review The Girls with No Names pulls readers into the gilded age of New York City in the 1910s, when suffragettes marched in the street, unions fought for better work conditions and girls were confined to the House of Mercy for daring to break the rules The story is told from three perspectives with the focus on Effie s family dynamics I felt the story was bogged down, the connections between the characters and their backgrounds were not immediately clear and took some time to be told The House of Mercy plays a prominent part of the story, but this is not the book to learn about it An okay read.3.25

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    Thanks Goodreads for my copy of The Girls With No Names by Serena Burdick This was one of the best books I have read in quite some time I finished this book in two days so to say it was difficult to put down would be an understatement The characters came to life and emotionally pulled you in to their world Thanks Serena for a great read.

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    The story opens on the life of Luella and Effie Tildon, privileged children, raised by a strict mother and a father interested in keeping up appearances Luella, the older sister, has a bit of a rebellious streak but dotes on Effie Effie was born with a heart condition that leaves her prone to blue fits and leaves her parents amazed each year that she does not die The girls are inseparable and make their own adventures. When Luella goes missing, Effie assumes that her parents have sent her away to the reform school work house up the road, known as the House of Mercy Desperate to be with her sister after her parents refuse to bring her home, Effie dreams up a plan and enters the House of Mercy under a different name only to find that her sister is not there Trapped by her own story, Effie finds herself stuck in the House of Mercy and falls victim to the cruelty of the nuns and the girls that find themselves there Effie s gets entangled with another girl, Mable, who is also not using her own name but for far different reasons While trying to save Effie, Mable s find herself face to face with her past.This story touches on new York in the 1910 s, the wealthy holding on to their traditions and the poor just trying to hold on, the women who would dare to spearhead the suffrage movement, and the women and girls who found themselves with no say in their own lives.I enjoyed the authors use of the names to highlight her title and the lack of identity woman had outside of their male relations I wish there had been history than just the touches of the suffrage movement and the workhouses for wayward girls Effie enjoys writing and the author would sometimes throw some of her fanciful stories into the narrative that were often distracting and didn t add much to the story It was a solid read, good for book clubs 3.5 starsThank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the e ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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    Thank you to Harper Collins Canada for this advanced copy, in exchange for an honest review This book started off rather slow, and almost lost my interest The author was setting up the family dynamics and the characters who would be involved, and it just seemed like a bunch of info However, about a third of the way through, I got into it Both the sisters go missing, both by choice, but on very different paths For one, it is easy to come home, but awkward For the other, she is trapped, without her family knowing where she is, and no way of getting out I ended up enjoying this book The main character, Effie, showed a real strength throughout There was a mild MILD thriller aspect, in whether or not the girls were going to make it home to their families I also enjoyed how there were multiple relationships that started out at odds and came together in the end The ending was somewhat happy, but definitely had some sad aspects as well I would recommend this book This one publishes January 7, 2020 3.5

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