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Toward the Midnight SunFrom The Bestselling Author Of White Rose, Black Forest Comes A Page Turning Epic Of Adventure, Suspense, And Romance Set Against The Rich And Ruthless Backdrop Of The Klondike Gold Rush Seattle, Anna Denton Is Not Like The Other Prospectors Traveling To The Yukon On The Promise Of Riches It S Duty Not Profit That Calls Her Into The Wild Unknown With Her Family Nearing Financial Ruin, Anna Has Agreed To Marry Henry Bradwell, The Wealthy King Of The KlondikeShe Meets Will And Silas, Childhood Friends, On The Steamer North After The Ship Docks In A Lawless Alaska Town, Anna S Chaperones Run Afoul Of Local Criminals, Leaving Her Stranded Will And Silas Agree To Escort Her The Hundreds Of Treacherous Miles To Dawson City The Gateway To The Goldfields And Her Betrothed, A Man She Doesn T KnowUpon Their Arrival, Bradwell Warmly Welcomes Them All But As A Brutal Winter Sets In, Relations Sour, And Anna Is Caught Between The Promise Her Family Made To The Power Hungry Bradwell And Her Feelings For Will Anna And Her Companions Soon Find Themselves In A Deadly Game Where Few Can Be Trusted And Where The Greatest Danger In The Frozen Wilderness Of The Klondike Is Man Himself

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    2.5 stars The writing style and dialogue was extremely dry The first half which details their trip to Dawson City was really boring I thought that would be the exciting part, but it wasn t until Anna reached Dawson City and the drama between her and her fiance ensued that the plot started to pick up the pace moving slow rather than dragging There was a small twist at 65% on a kindle but it the plot still continued to be dull..it isn t until 86% that anything of great interest occurs.Historically, there is mention and a brief memory of the Battle of Wounded Knee Women s inequality is discussed and seen throughout Anna s journey The overall atmosphere for the time period in this novel is very bleak I was expecting to learn a lot about the gold rush in Alaska, but I didn t learn a lot in this novel.Technical notes Anna begins her journey on a ship to Skagaway for the first 10% on a Kindle Their stay and encampment at Skagway is detailed from 10 20% At 20%, they reach the Dyea settlement, and at 21% they begin the Chilkhoot Trail The Chilkhoot Trail is detailed from 21 45% and on the trail they stop at Canyon City, Sheep Camp, and the Scales Anna reaches Dawson at 45% and the remainder of the novel happens there focusing on the romance.It is true to the blurba young girl named Anna is escorted to Dawson City by two men because her father has sold her as a bride to pay of his debt She is sold to a wealthy man who has made his fortune off of the gold rush and is called King of the Klondike Along the way, several people doubt her ability as a women to make the journey Anna then falls in love with another, but knows she must stay with her fiance in order to secure her families survival.Initially, I was going to give this two stars, but because the ending did provide some sort of stimulating redemption I gave it 2.5 and rounded to 3 The majority of the story was just so dry and bland I was bored and disengaged I was very disappointed since I really enjoyed his other novels.

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