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Across the River and into the TreesIn The Fall Of 1948, Ernest Hemingway Made His First Extended Visit To Italy In Thirty Years His Reacquaintance With Venice, A City He Loved, Provided The Inspiration For Across The River And Into The Trees, The Story Of Richard Cantwell, A War Ravaged American Colonel Stationed In Italy At The Close Of The Second World War, And His Love For A Young Italian Countess A Poignant, Bittersweet Homage To Love That Overpowers Reason, To The Resilience Of The Human Spirit, And To The Worldweary Beauty And Majesty Of Venice, Across The River And Into The Trees Stands As Hemingway S Statement Of Defiance In Response To The Great Dehumanizing Atrocities Of The Second World War Hemingway S Last Full Length Novel Published In His Lifetime, It Moved John O Hara In The New York Times Book Review To Call Him The Most Important Author Since Shakespeare.

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    I loved this book But then again I read it in Verona Porta Nuova station after visiting Venice, waiting for a night train to Paris, in the rain, and I think this may well be the best book to read in Verona Porta Nuova station after visiting Venice, waiting for a night train to Paris, in the rain.

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    When Hemingway wrote this novel, he may have known that his masterpieces were behind him Although this novel is a lesser work, there are moments of tenderness, poignancy and power crafted in his trademark miminalist style that linger The novel concerns a retired Army Colonel, who has fought in brutal combat, near the end of his life and is desperately in love with a much younger woman To me the woman signified the Colonel s lost youth and the relationship may take on new meaning if one views it as such The Colonel looks backward in the novel to the horror and futility of war, which serves as a contrast to the extreme tenderness of his last love affair in Venice Hemingway s experiences during the Spanish Civil War and in Paris during World War II give him much to draw upon in this literary moveable feast, which soubriquet first appears here Against the harshness of his existence the Colonel has retreated to Italian duck blinds, Venice in winter and the adoring young beauty of his life One senses that at this time in his life, so near the end, that Hemingway sees his own life s lapse into finality in lines from Stonewall Jackson s dying moments to cross peacefully over the river and into the trees Hemingway is a master of dialogue and there is much between the Colonel and his young mistress to savor I recommend that you read Old Man and the Sea, A Farewell to A...

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    Remember for me a three star book IS definitely worth reading I know Hemingway is not for everyone, but I like his writing style I don t read his books for plot I read them for the lines, for his ability to express complicated things simply and for his ability to capture the inherent differences between the sexes Differences there are There are two principle characters in this novel Colonel Richard Cantwell and his lover Renata He is fifty one She is nineteen He is masculine He is brusque, downright rude, and could quite simply be viewed as a bastard But is he Well, I like him You see Hemingway goes beneath the surface of what is immediately visible and gives you I like Renata too She is the feminine and smart and curious and willing to do what is not done What is good about this book is NOT the plot, because that is practically non existent It is a character study It is an essay on death and how each of us deals with it And the choices we make It is also about the folly of war It is about hunting and food and fishing and.about the world around us if we just bother to look Hemingway expresses so simply what is before our eyes and that which we often don t see OK, the Colonel g...

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    Un vecchio di cinquant anniQuesto libro, scritto da Hemingway a distanza di dieci anni da Per chi suona la campana e venti da Addio alle armi , ambientato in una Venezia invernale.Racconta una storia d a fra un colonnello cinquantenne, di precaria salute, e una diciannovenne ricchissima e molto aristocratica, splendente di giovinezza e di slanciata bellezza.E interessante sapere che il colonnello ha la stessa et dell autore al momento della stesura dell opera Conoscendo alcuni tratti del carattere dello scrittore, inoltre, possiamo ben ipotizzare che sia fortemente presente l elemento biografico, non tanto per la relazione amorosa in s , quanto per la condizione esistenziale dell autore, che condusse una vita volta all eccesso tanto da essere invecchiato piuttosto precocemente La vicenda qui rappresentata pu pertanto essere definita un a senile di un vecchio di cinquant anni, gran bevitore a qualunque ora del giorno e della notte La condizione esistenziale del protagonista caratterizzata anche da un ambiguo rapporto con se stesso Vecchio bastardo disse allo specchio Lo specchio era la verit e l attualit Hai la met di cento anni, bastardo che non sei altro.I riferimenti alla Grande Guerra e ai luoghi di combattimento sono numerosissimi, spesso presenti nel ricordo.L atmosfera di Venezia pervade tu...

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    Is it possible to love a book just for the atmosphere it creates, the pictures you get when reading it Certainly There was, and still is, a lot of pressure and expectations to any Hemmingway novel True, some are better ones and some are not quite up to the standard you would wish for from such an acclaimed author But, who am I to judge how an author s life should be allowed to influence his works In Across the River and into the Trees Hemmingway hits a remarkably melancholic tone, a tone I recognize from Thomas Mann s Death in Venice The scenery is alike, death is at hand and you think of your life, the one you always wished you had lived and the one it turned out to be, and it is much too late to change anything.Past loves, passed pastimes, wars you fought in, friends you used to have, some gone, some just so far away, all are memories, some clear, some shadows, ...

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    Haunting old warriors who try to capture the youth they sacrificed to war one of my favorite works of Hemingway.

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    What did you do in the war, Daddy I was a pervy old man who wanted to sleep with young girls I suppose if I were a man having a midlife crisis, I might have enjoyed this book I don t know who else would Jeremy Clarkson, perhaps It s after the war An American soldier in his fifties checks in to a hotel in Venice He goes out to dinner with a nineteen year old girl Next morning they have breakfast and go shopping He checks out of the hotel He goes and shoots a few ducks He dies.That s it Oh, yes, and he keeps banging on about the war and she keeps acting as though she is interested in hearing about it This book i...

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    This novel is positively dreadful One of the ten worst I ve read In homage to The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms, one gives Hem the benefit of the doubt, believing he never would have published this disaster in any but short story form had he been alive when it was released to the public This novel didn t have 50 pages worth reading You are my one and last and true love, and I love you truly. If Hemingway would have written anything that bad in his prime, he surely wouldn t have repeated it And yet, here it is splattered all over the page and constantly It s no longer layering and searching for a genuine or true effect now it s the meat of the story And yes, true and truly are used obsessively.The last page is probably the worst one Climbing in the back seat to die, the colonel shuts the car door well ...

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    the worst hemingway i have ever read.

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