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The LegacyWhen They Were Children, Erica Calcott And Her Sister, Beth, Spent Their Summer Holidays At Storton Manor Now, Following The Death Of Their Grandmother, They Have Returned To The Grand, Imposing House In Wiltshire, England Unable To Stem The Tide Of Childhood Memories That Arise As She Sorts Through Her Grandmother S Belongings, Erica Thinks Back To The Summer Her Cousin Henry Vanished Mysteriously From The Estate, An Event That Tore Their Family To Pieces It Is Time, She Believes, To Lay The Past To Rest, Bring Her Sister Some Peace, And Finally Solve The Mystery Of Her Cousin S Disappearance.But Sifting Through Remnants Of A Bygone Time Is Bringing A Secret Family History To Light One That Stretches Back Over A Century, To A Beautiful Society Heiress In Oklahoma, A Haunting, Savage Land Across The Ocean And As Past And Present Converge, Erica And Beth Must Come To Terms With Two Shocking Acts Of Betrayal And The Heartbreaking Legacy They Left Behind.

[BOOKS] ✪ The Legacy By Katherine Webb – Valtrex-4.us
  • 422 pages
  • The Legacy
  • Katherine Webb
  • English
  • 07 March 2019
  • 9781409112488

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    Un myst re intrigant, des personnages attachants, des destins tragiques et touchants, et une ambiance hivernale tombant point nomm c est tout ce que je demandais ce roman, et c est exactement ce que j ai eu Je le referme ...

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    Je dirai que c est un peu comme un pisode de NCIS 23h Tu sais que c est pas terrible, qu il est tard, mais, putain, t as vraiment envie de savoir.

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    D vor en 2 jours J ai ador ce livre, l ambiance, les secrets de familleJe n ai pas trouv le gros secret avant qu il soit r v l et j avoue que je trouve le truc un peu gros mais je me suis tellement plong dedans que je l ai accept facilement.Tour tour on...

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    Two stories for the price of one Historical romance and contemporary romance all in one book Not one but TWO secrets Gypsies, Indians, cowboys, aristocrats Dead husbands Missing children Wild West Old English Manor And whatever else you can conjure up all in this i one book about generations of women who like nothing better than to sweep things under the rug and sit on it staring into the space, as if nothing happened Also, a warning tale sweep things under the rug, you go mad, just as it happened to Beth Her sister, Erica, finally decides she s had enough of secrets and vows to go to the bottom of it all.You can t help but cheer her on, because there is nothing frustrating that people refusing to talk about certain things that and food stuck between your teeth The pages turn qu...

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    Apr s tre rest e jusqu quasiment 2 h du matin, je peux dire que j ai pris beaucoup de plaisir lire ce livre Merci le club de lecture Mango Salt pour cette d couverte J ai aim suivre l histoire travers 2 poques diff rentes J ai facilement r ussi me plonger dans les 2 univers J ai aussi beaucoup aim retrouver l atmosph re de la vie en Angleterre Je n ai pas t emb t e plus que a du caract re de certains personnages froideur, d pression Je crois que la vie peut parfois nous plonger dans de tel tats ...

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    When Beth and Erica Calcott return to their family home they start to sort through their Grandmother s belongings and forgotten fragments of family history start to break the surface of the present day Memories of their cousin Henry who disappeared and their Grandmother, a bitter and twisted old woman.I really like books about different generations of families and this plot had such potential but it really failed to deliver for me The female characters were so frustrating and I just wanted to shake them by the shoulders and yell pull yourselves together I hated the way that Erica followed Dinny around all of the...

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    I read The Unseen first and never thought a book could be better How wrong I was, thankfully I was totally and uttery engrossed in this book which was heartbreaking in parts Lost love, mystery, intrigue and, well, just about everything you would want in a really good book I literally could not put my kindle down, it was my eyes that kept closing which reminded me I had to sleep at some point I loved and despised Caroline and Meredith in turns, it s such a roller coaster of emotions I feel completely and utterly drained now I have finished it The only slight criticism I can make, and...

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    I am the kind of person that you ll find hanging around at National Trust places There is nothing I enjoy other than reading of course than having a few hours on my hands to just wander freely around a beautiful old Manor house, or a castle, or, even some stately home gardens.This book I bought solely for the fact of the entire story being based around a huge, old Manor house This story was a very slow mystery, that certainly didn t reveal anything until the very end of the story, by which time, I was nearly off the chair with excitement The author should be given credit here, as I think it is difficult to write an interesting time line story, that all blends in together perfectly.When reading this, the plot reminded me slightly of a Kate Morton style book, which is an entirely positive aspect, as I quite enjoy Kate Morton s works.I loved the fact that I felt as if I was present in the old, gothic Manor House, tip toeing o...

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    Dual stories one Victorian, one modern day about the same family The question of What happened to Henry goes on for a bit too long or, rather, the conversations consisting of Tell me what happened No, it s better that you don t remember happened a bit too frequently and had me wishing they would just get to the point in the final conversation before the Big Reveal.I wasn t actually too crazy about either Beth or Erica, and got progressively a bit annoyed with them However, the breaks into Caroline s story were enough that they didn t wear on me too badly I thought the Victorian bits were very well done, as in a different book I would ve been annoyed with Caroline s helplessness here, I just felt sorry for her Her panic and horror at what she d done and the subsequent feeling of having no idea what to do about it was palpable On the other hand, even as ou...

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    Ma Review sur le blog vrai plaisir, cette lecture J ai beaucoup aim le personnage d Erica avec qui j tais totalement en empathie La fin n est pas renversante mais j ai ferm ce livre avec un petit sentiment de nostalgie Un tr s bon cr du ClubLectureMS

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