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Favourite Daughter

Favourite Daughter by Kaira Rouda goodreads THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER is a tangy piece of hard candy Just pop it in your mouth and revel in the guilty pleasure Rouda is the master of creating villainous characters we love to laugh at and utterly despise at the same time now is a great time to read Best Day Ever if you missed it Favourite Daughter Favourite Daughter Liquid error Could not find asset snippets theme jsquid Enter using password Favourite Daughter Opening Soon Be the first to know when w

Disappearing Earth

Disappearing Earth A novel Julia Phillips Disappearing Earth is a brave, affecting accomplishment Christine Schutt, author of Pure Hollywood Disappearing Earth is a rare achievement haunting and complex intense yet subtle sophisticated yet unputdownable moving yet never sentimental foreign yet somehow familiar And it Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips Goodreads Disappearing Earth is quite an extraordinary novel There is a missing persons mystery at the centre of the book, but no one should g